Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Before we begin: Concept to completion

So here we are, a time for new beginnings as I take on a new hobby.  Over the past couple months I've slowly been perusing forums and beavisaudio to learn what I can about building electronic guitar effects pedals.
  While I don't have any electronic engineering training, I'm fairly certain that I'll be able to seek the help I need and figure out how to accomplish some of the tasks I have set ahead of me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the help from beavisaudio and GlassHeroAmplification, for providing a wealth of knowledge.
   For the most part the builds I'm planning to put on this page are just modified versions of already available effects pedals. Along the way to getting the pedals the way I like them, I'll share with you:
1.) What I'm attempting to make,
2.) How I plan on making it
3.) Problems I've encountered along the way and solutions to the problems
4.) The final product

As a cursory introduction, I'll be working on customizing effects, designing the enclosure, and generally just taking things from concept to completions.