Thursday, May 28, 2015

Double Channel...maybe. Oh and updates

Alright so furthering the quest for an "All-in-one" amp in a box solution.  I thought about incorporating the 100W Marshall Superlead (ROG Thunderbird) and the Vox AC-30 (ROG Britannia) amp simulation circuits into a single box with a footswitchable channel switch.  This is what I'm thinking of at the moment.

I built the Thunderbird and the have the Britannia next in queue, but I've been wondering the best way to go about it.  Should I have an A/B channel box with both amp circuits in it, Or should I dedicate each to an enclosure and then build an AB looper pedal. I'm trying to reduce the number of pedals that I'd need to pull out in front of me to play.

If possible I'd even like to incorporate the speaker cabinet simulator into the pedal as well as.
For all intents and purposes I'd like to get both amp emulators, an effects loop with blend control, and cabinet simulator/DI box as well.  But we'll see, one logical step at a time :)

I'm working on another multi-effect unit.  Unlike the Rat/Cocked Wah project that was seen in an earlier post which never made it to an enclosure.  This one I'd like to combine a delay and a reverb pedal into one, with the delay before the reverb.  Maybe an effects loop in there too.  I'm under the current impression that reverb would almost always come last in my effects loop, but that is subject to change I suppose.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Speaker simulator Project

Alright, so one of the next things on my list now is to create an ampless solution to the oh-so-common apartment complex situation.

I purchased the THC Balanced Line Driver DI off of the BST section of the Madbean Forum, and have been waiting to try and implement it. I've also ordered a JMK headphone amp and am going to try and incorporate it into the box.  I found someone else's BASS DI box and tried to take a page out of that book and figured the general setup could work.

I'm thinking of using the Runoffgroove Condor Cab Simulator as the cab simulator and having it true bypass toggle switchable, where the output is split to an output jack and a selector switch for going to the Line Driver and XLR output, and the other side going to the Headphone Amplifier.

This is the setup I'm working with at the moment.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Screaming Firebat

Hi Team,
   In order to reduce some of my problems with offboard wiring, I tried to put both footswitches onto a pcb for a modified big muff circuit.  There is a footwitchable Filter circuit and a toggle switch to go between big muff and supa tonebender. I think it sounds pretty awesome but I could still work out some of the issues with the filters.

This is called the "Screaming Firebat" and is for my Mary!
You can't tell so much from the other pictures, but I tried to keep it going with the red and black theme.  I bought the Red DC powerjack, spray painted the bottom plate red and used red acrylics for the screenprinting.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hi Team!!
      So after playing back and forth with the clipping options, I think i've narrowed it down to no clipping and silicon clipping. To my ear I really couldn't hear that much of a difference between different options of symmetrical clipping for Ge vs LED vs Si vs Open.  Am I wrong? Probably so, but either way these are pedals for my friends which I think they'll enjoy if they only had a limited number of options and they could hear the difference.

    Heh but with that being said, there is a problem when you design  your art work before you test your pedal.  But ahh well, it'll have my friends scratching their heads thinking something is one way or another.

    Anyway many thanks to Glass Hero and the members of the Madbean Forum for helping me out with my questions along the way as well selling me the PCB to make this all happen.  I tried my  hand at modifying this PCB to work better with this set up so that there would be less off board wiring, but we'll have to see how that goes...